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HTC's Windows Phone 8X, the next Microsoft superphone

HTC Windows Phone 8X

Windows Phone 8X by HTC

It’s here: A new, iconic design that keeps you connected while also reflecting you. Unique color options, a seamless look, a screen to personalize—all serving up people and passions that matter most.

8X features an ultra-wide-angle front camera lens that fits in every face in the group and the surrounding scenery. Share it all on the brilliant screen that is rich and vivid—even when viewed in bright sunlight.

World-class camera. Get more people in the shot, including you, with the new ultra-wide-angle front and back cameras. 8X takes sharp, crisp photos—even low-light conditions.

Perfect-fit design. This is the most comfortable phone you’ll every hold. Its seamless form feels great in your hand and on your ear. The ultra-unique matte finish comes in a variety of distinctive colors.

Exclusive built in amplifier for Beats Audio™. Enjoy high-def, uncompromised sound for all you do. Boost sound with less distortion than other phones for the ultimate entertainment experience.


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